Wintergewitter 42
December 11, 1942, Russia, size 1.86, 41 turns [CoW ]
scorewin %OVSVMVDFV
Axis 43.62 1 1 12 0
Russian 56.383 0 0 2
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odds (chances against 1) and TW indicator
biased to side 1 biased to draw biased to side 2 open TW
0.005:1-0.138:1 13:1 59%
Played by 11
Ammo Humper Belisarius Centurion Comandante Lister Hariman Ranger6 Schnelle Heinz Triaxe Wilhelm Zlikowski fulcrum
After action reports

match #2133 comment added on Fri, 22 Apr 2011 21:15:31 +0200 by Nrml
German relief effort via kalech slowed and finally halted by tenacious Soviet defense, which including redeployment of some of forces surrounding 6th army. Slow but steady pressure on German northern flank forced redeployment and ultimate demise of Stalingrad kessel relief thrust. German surrender

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Wintergewitter 42: resolved 8, running 4
idversionendstartAxis (1)Russian (2)Axis outcomeaward 1award 2
2237 Feb 27th 2013 Belisarius Wilhelm
2133 Mar 10th 2011 Nrml Zlikowski
1870CoW Dec 4th 2006 DLP Dirk
1869CoW Dec 4th 2006 Dirk DLP
2189Feb 14th 2013 Jun 22nd 2012 Belisarius Wilhelm Belisarius MV
1895Feb 18th 2007 Feb 13th 2007 Comandante Lister fulcrum Comandante Lister OD
1783CoW Nov 12th 2006 May 8th 2006 Centurion Schnelle Heinz DRAW DR
1730CoW May 1st 2006 Jan 6th 2006 Ranger6 Wilhelm Ranger6 OD
1687CoW Dec 14th 2005 Aug 15th 2005 Wilhelm Ranger6 Wilhelm OV
1599CoW Feb 28th 2005 Nov 15th 2004 Ammo Humper Triaxe Ammo Humper OD
1511CoW Nov 10th 2004 Jul 20th 2004 Hariman Zlikowski Hariman SV
1480CoW Jul 14th 2004 May 5th 2004 Zlikowski Hariman DRAW DR