Russian War
June 22, 1941, Russia, size 3.18, 150 turns [Vol I ]
scorewin %OVSVMVDFV
Axis 48.62 3 4 00 3
USSR 51.386 0 0 0
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0.001:1-0.002:1 545:1 56%
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Alastair B1Bis Belisarius Cypis FabioM Fisher1 Hariman Lucinus Mr. Trips! Nrml Paulus Sapper Schnelle Heinz ToniC VonManstein Zazar
After action reports

match #1256 comment added on Tue, 04 Nov 2003 14:43:06 +0100 by Lucinus
My objectives was to as far as possible in the south and take Leningrad. The offensive in the south because the open ground facilitates manoeuvring and destroying Russian troops. Leningrad was also an objective because at the begining, while Russians are not well organised, it is worth to take all this ground designed for defense, later it will be harder to grab it. Until October all was going ok and all objectives were reached. So I started to make a pause to prepare for winter. Unfortunatly Russian didn't allowed me resting because they started to get stronger. Then the winter came ... and that was a desaster. I had enough strengh to hold russian but I forgot that rivers can freeze !!! Big fatal mistake !!! My troops were not disposed for that. Even if in the south I could withdraw behing the Dniepr and could easily hold the line, in the center the front was becoming to large and strated to colapse without hope to fix it. So I must surrender. Bad experience for my first "big" scenario but worth of experience. Congartulation to Zazar for his victory.

match #2044 comment added on Tue, 12 May 2009 09:09:31 +0200 by Nrml
Nrml pushed his initial attack too hard and when the winter shock came Van Manstein was ready and waiting and took full advantage to surround and destroy significant wehrmacht forces. The wehrmacht never recovered and the red army became stronger and nothing could stop it.

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Russian War: resolved 17, running 1
idversionendstartAxis (1)USSR (2)Axis outcomeaward 1award 2
1729WotY Jan 11th 2006 A White Rabbit Achilles
2010Jun 20th 2009 Oct 4th 2008 VonManstein Belisarius VonManstein SV
2044May 13th 2009 Apr 5th 2009 VonManstein Nrml VonManstein SV
1266Vol I Dec 7th 2003 Dec 30th 2002 Sapper Cypis Sapper FV
1265Vol I Dec 7th 2003 Dec 30th 2002 Cypis Sapper Cypis FD
1261Vol I Dec 7th 2003 Nov 18th 2002 Sapper Paulus Sapper FV
1256Vol I Nov 4th 2003 Apr 3rd 2002 Lucinus Zazar Lucinus OD
1127Apr 25th 2003 Dec 30th 2002 B1Bis Cypis B1Bis FV
1013Nov 20th 2002 Feb 14th 2002 Paulus Sapper Paulus OV
962Jun 22nd 2002 Mar 2nd 2002 Schnelle Heinz Sapper Schnelle Heinz OD
961Jun 22nd 2002 Mar 2nd 2002 Schnelle Heinz FabioM Schnelle Heinz OD
892Mar 17th 2002 Feb 22nd 2002 Cypis B1Bis Cypis OV
836Feb 1st 2002 Aug 7th 2001 FabioM Schnelle Heinz FabioM OD
835Feb 1st 2002 Jan 22nd 2001 Hariman Mr. Trips! Hariman SV
241Feb 28th 2001 Dec 20th 2000 FabioM ToniC FabioM OV
136Dec 20th 2000 Nov 20th 2000 ToniC FabioM ToniC OD
118Dec 4th 2000 Sep 20th 2000 Mr. Trips! Alastair Mr. Trips! SV
29Sep 21st 2000 Sep 3rd 2000 Fisher1 Hariman Fisher1 OD