Spanish Civil War 1936-39
July 20, 1936, Spain, size 2.22, 142 turns [CoW ]
scorewin %OVSVMVDFV
Nationalist 42.79 4 1 01 0
Republican 57.216 0 2 1
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biased to side 1 biased to draw biased to side 2 open TW
--0.014:1 136:1 57%
Played by 11
Anonimo Belisarius Dolfo LoveKatt Naransin Planetep Schnelle Heinz Specterx Thoth VonManstein elister
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match #2065 comment added on Sat, 21 Nov 2009 11:16:04 +0100 by Naransin
Republican army broke throught north nationalist front and ocuppied north coast also a second republican army attacket to the rearguard of nationalist ebro army . a third republican army was about to reach cadiz province from Malaga and a fourth republican army cut in two the nationalist from in the center reaching portuguese frontier and envolving isolated groups of resistance in Extremadura

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Spanish Civil War 1936-39: resolved 14, running 3
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2272 Oct 4th 2013 Coyote A White Rabbit
2151 Sep 25th 2011 AK 47 Airluca
1912CoW May 25th 2007 A White Rabbit El Gran Capitan
2081Nov 27th 2009 Nov 8th 2009 Naransin VonManstein Naransin OD
2065Nov 27th 2009 Jul 31st 2009 VonManstein Naransin VonManstein OD
1772CoW Mar 18th 2007 Apr 15th 2006 Belisarius elister Belisarius MD
1824CoW Dec 9th 2006 Aug 6th 2006 elister VonManstein elister OV
1517CoW Aug 18th 2004 Jul 29th 2004 VonManstein Belisarius VonManstein OV
1518CoW Aug 11th 2004 Jul 29th 2004 Belisarius VonManstein Belisarius OD
1412CoW Jun 1st 2004 Jan 17th 2004 VonManstein LoveKatt DRAW DR
1410CoW Apr 29th 2004 Jan 17th 2004 LoveKatt VonManstein LoveKatt OV
1201CoW Sep 2nd 2003 Apr 9th 2003 VonManstein Schnelle Heinz VonManstein OD
1189CoW Aug 11th 2003 Feb 28th 2003 Schnelle Heinz VonManstein Schnelle Heinz OD
1154Jun 25th 2003 May 9th 2003 Dolfo Specterx Dolfo OD
1143Jun 1st 2003 Apr 19th 2003 VonManstein Anonimo VonManstein SV
1142Jun 1st 2003 Apr 19th 2003 Anonimo VonManstein Anonimo MD
493Jul 11th 2001 Apr 4th 2001 Planetep Thoth Planetep OV