Untried scenarios
387 untried scenarios
1937 Revisionist War Fictional104
1939 series - Steaming the Blitz Poland32
1939 series - Tomaszow Lubelski Battle Poland25
1940 - Italian Invasion of Malta Malta24
39-45 Europe311
7th Train to Transcentral Pacific Islands100
A Bridge too Far - Operation Market Garden Holland16
A Desperate Measures Russia18
A Rotten House of Cards Russia48
A Second Civil War USA35
Acre War 2011 15
Aegean 2004 Aegean sea24
Afghan-Indopak War 2001 Afghanistan90
Afghanistan 2001 Afghanistan28
Alexandria 1882 Egypt14
Alternative World War II Europe, Mediteranean350
Alternative ww3 - Afghan Front Afghanistan390
Alternative ww3 - Korean Front 180
Alternative ww3 - Southern Front Italy and Balkans500
Alternative ww3 - US Invasion of Cuba 1997 Cuba365
Alternative ww3 - Vietnam Front - Strike on Cam Rahn 5
America Invaded - 2003 USA40
America Invaded - Iceland Iceland20
American Front 1914-1918 (Entente PO) USA232
American Front 1914-1918 (US PO) USA232
American Front 1940 USA295
Angola 71-74 Angola200
Anzio 1944 at 2km Italy60
Anzio 1944 PO Italy120
Ardennes Hitler's Last Gamble Luxembourg & Belgium64
Armageddon Land End31
Armageddon 2000 Europe30
Atlantic Fury North West Europe42
Back to Isthmus Finland37
Back to Kosovo 2004 Kosovo30
Balkans 1938 Balkans20
Balkans 44 Balkans20
Baltic Tempest Northern Europe50
Barbarossa 41 (by Amnesia) Russia370
Battle for France 1940 (PO historical) Western Europe46
Battle for the Ardennes Belgium, Ardennes36
Battle of Adua Ethiopia13
Battle of Britain England30
Battle of Piotrkow 1939 Poland12
Battle of the Pyramids 1798 Egypt10
Battle of Zurich 1799 Switzerland22
Bay of Pigs '61 Cuba14
Bengtskaer Finland8
Berlin Crisis 1961 Central Europe60
Bizcaya Espana12
Blenheim Bavaria10
Blitzkrieg In The West France22
Bloody March Central America10
Boqueron Bolivia & Paraguay24
Bosnia 2012 Bosnia25
Bosnian War 2002 Bosnia1000
Britto-french war 1920 France40
Bulge Belgium, Ardennes90
Bulge 2000 Europe60
Burma 1944 Burma44
Burma Campaign 1942-1945 Burma166
Burma Campaign 1942-1945 (By Stuart) Burma, Siam. India195
Call to Arms North America129
Campaign for North Africa (First Rommel Offensive) North Africa188
Campaign for North Africa (Gazala) North Africa66
Campaign for North Africa (O'Connor's Raid) North Africa218
Case Green Czechoslovakia12
CENTCOM vs Axis Europe, North Africa300
Cheese Wars Fictional11
Chihchiang Campaign. China 1945 China17
China 1937-1938 China77
Christmas on the DMZ Korea15
City Invasion USA50
Civil War II - Kentucky Front USA35
Civil War in El Salvador El Salvador36
Colmar 45 France21
Corregidor 45 Philippines12
Countdown to Infamy East Asia & Pacific220
Coup d'Etat! Fictional24
Crimea 41-42 Crimea43
Crimson Sands Egypt17
Custer 1876 Montana, USA24
Custoza Italy26
Cyprus 1974 Cyprus60
Cyprus 1974 - Operation Attila Cyprus19
Dead or Alive Afghanistan41
Defend the Hawk Fictional6
Defense of the Malvinas Falklands60
Demyansk 80
Desert Storm 91 no Air Mod Iraq & Kuwait15
Dien Bien Phu 54 (By Berthiaux) Indochina120
Dnepr 1920 Russia16
Don 42-43 Russia, Don13
Donets 43 Russia13
Durchbruch - Lodz 14 (Toaw I) Poland20
Eastern Front 1914 Central-East Europe36
Emil 44 Russia20
Encounter at Bien Dien South Vietnam25
End of The Reich Europe130
English Civil War 1642 The British Isles186
Eritrean-Ethiopian War Eritrea & Ethiopia62
Essequibo 2010 South America20
Ethiopia 1936 Ethiopia36
Europe 1950 Europe100
Europe 2005 Europe & Middle East400
Europe 2014 Europe360
Europe 44 Europe65
European Theater Of War Europe400
Fall Of Bataan 1942 Philippine50
Fall Of The West USA90
Fall Weiss 1939 Poland40
Fedala-Casablanca North Africa12
Finland 41 Finland50
First Chechen War Chechny60
Flanders 1917 Belgium60
Florina 41 Greece10
Fourth Strategic Attack 1944 Finland70
Franco-Prussian War 1870-1871 France27
French Civil War 1938 France80
From Kursk to Kiev USSR27
German-Polish War 1952-55 Germany & Poland174
Germany 1546 The Schmalkaldic War Germany30
Germany 1945 - Last Stand Germany36
Germany 45 - Race to Berlin Germany36
Gettysburg USA62
Global Conflict Europe Middle East 1988 Europe and Middle Ea45
Global Conflict Asia-Pacific 1988 Asia45
Golan 2004 Middle East48
Golan Heights 1973 Middle east45
Gott Strafe England Northern Europe104
Great Lakes Offensive USA40
Great War Europe224
Green Plan Czechoslovakia30
Gruene Hoelle Huertgenwald 1944 Benelux28
Guadalcanal 1942 Guadalcanal24
Guerra no Pampa 2011 South America37
Gulf War - The 1991 ground War Iraq26
Haiphong Landing 52 Vietnam28
Highway to Helsinki 90 Finland23
Hoa Binh Indochina42
Hube's Pokets Russia32
Indo-Pakistan War 1948 India & Pakistan71
Indo-Pakistan War 2002 India & Pakistan21
Indochina Border Fights 1950 Indochina24
Inside the Reich - Axis Europe, North Africa300
Invasion Amerika North America78
Invasion Of Britain England & Wales13
Invasion Of Goa 1961 India16
Invasion Of Nazi Europe 1947 Europe300
Iran-Iraq 2012 Southeastern Iraq26
Island Civil War Unamed island20
Israel's War on Terror Middle East120
Italian Front WW1 - Caporetto 1917 Italia69
Iwo Jima 45 (Revised) Iwo Jima10
Jena - Auerstaedt Prussia27
Jihad Middle East75
Karelian Isthmus 44 Finland35
Karelian Pine 90 Finland15
Kashmir 1965 India25
Kashmir 99 India40
Kasserine 43 at 2.5km Tunisia20
Kerch 1942 Crimea30
Kharkiv 43 Ukraine9
Kharkov 43 USSR94
Kiev 1920 Ukraine10
Kinmen and Matzu Islands 2015 Taiwan11
Kippour War-Southern Front Egypt19
Konrad 45 Hungaria70
Korea 2002 Korea90
Kursk Russia30
Kuwait 91 Kuwait17
Kyiv 1920 (Vol I) Ukraine20
La belle Alliance - Napoleon at Waterloo Belgium12
La Bolsa De Merida Spain12
Leros 43 Greece18
Libya 1996 Libya16
Long Island - NY 1776 (TE) New York15
Lord of the Atlas Algeria30
Lord of the Sahara Algeria135
Lord of the Tonkin Indochina24
Macedonia 2001 Macedonia30
Malta - Operazione C3 1942 Malta37
Marathon 490 BC Greece18
Matz 1918 France10
Mehran 1985 Iran30
Metz 44 France90
Meuse-Argonne 1918 France14
Middle East 2002 at 10km Middle East50
Middle East 2002 at 25Km Middle East40
Middle East 2005 Middle East34
Middle East 56 Sinai50
Midway 42 Midway12
Miracle over Vistula 1920 Poland8
Mort pour la Patrie 1951 Indochina16
Mortain 44 France, Normandy15
Naples 43 Italy68
Narvik 1940 Northern Norway9
Naykkijaervi Finland8
Neretva 1943 Yugoslavia30
New Korean War Korea15
Nghia Lo 51 (by Joao Lima) Indochina40
Nightmare at Iwo Jima Iwo Jima112
Nijmegen 1944 Netherlands14
Nordkapp 83 North Scandinavia40
Ohio State Fictional11
Okinawa 45 Ryukyu Islands136
On to Philadelphia - 1914 USA160
Operation Badr Lebanon23
Operation Cartwheel 44 Solomon Islands40
Operation Chromite Korea17
Operation Crimp 66 Vietnam38
Operation Encore 1945 Italy16
Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan18
Operation Enduring Freedom 2001 Afghanistan90
Operation Garbo - Gotland Sweden, Gotland12
Operation Hammer Norway36
Operation Husky Sicily43
Operation Iraqi Freedom Kuwait, Iraq28
Operation Ironclad Madagascar7
Operation Isabella 1941 Iberian Peninsula61
Operation Just Force Haiti14
Operation Konrad Hungary12
Operation Konrad 45 Hungary15
Operation Lion de mer 2004 UK & France40
Operation Mohamed 2006 Bulgaria44
Operation Neva - Leningrad 1944 Russia190
Operation Nevenoe France28
Operation Olympic 1945 Japan10
Operation One Russia - Southern Thrust Russia30
Operation Otto Austria20
Operation Roundup France40
Operation Stream Line Jane Madagascar8
Operation Sturgeon Russia, Krimea28
Operation Sunburn China40
Orel 1943 Soviet Union22
Ortsac 62 Cuba30
Pacific War Pacific209
Pakistan 2001 Pakistan & India28
Palestine 1918 Palestine21
Papua-New Guinea 1942 Papua-New Guinea20
Pax Hispanica 1610-1618 Europe-Middle East-N400
Peiping-Tientsin 37 China10
Persia 46 Persian Gulf30
Poland 39 Poland8
Poland's Defense War 1939 Poland92
Quatre Bras Belgium8
Rabaul 42 New Britain Island11
Rebellion Deneb1000
Red Blizzard Europe56
Red Hurricane Europe36
Red Storm Rising Europe Mediterranean65
Red Thunder at Isthmus Finland37
Remagen Germany22
Rescue them at all cost Fictional20
Restoration of Rome 268 AD Europe120
Rhodes 43 Rhodes20
Richmond 39 USA14
Road to Moscow VII - Soviet Counteroffensive Russia61
Roraima 2011 30
Route Coloniale 4 Indochina60
Route Coloniale 6 Indochina54
Russo-Turkish War 1877 Balkan, Turkey45
Saddam War 1990 Irak & Koweit60
Saddam's War 1990 unknown60
Saddams Final Gamble Iraq52
Safi Moroco12
Saipan 44 Saipan25
Schach Fictional100
Serbia Vs Croatia 1999 Yougoslavia100
Sichelschnitt France and Belgium90
Sidi Nsir 1943 North Africa18
Silesian Conflict 2005 Germany & Poland20
Sinai 1967 Sinai14
Six Day War Middle East23
Six Days of War Middle east12
Slovenia 1991 Slovenia20
Smolensk 1941 Russia104
South Pacific Struggle Pacific74
Southern Holland 44 Holland65
Soviet Union 1941 Russia29
Spanish-French War Spain & France55
St Mihiel 18 France6
Stalingrad or Moscow 1942 Eastern Europe32
Strafexpedition 1916 Italia45
Taiwan 2005 Taiwan28
Tarakan 45 Tarakan Island42
Tarawa 1943 Tarawa0
Tel-El-Kebir 1882 Egypt4
The 2nd Battle of Kharkov (by Wilcks) Russia30
The Austro-Prussian War 1866 Bohemia24
The Battle of Bannockburn 1314 Scotland48
The Battle of Britain and Operation Sealion England30
The Battle of Ravenna 1512 Italy40
The Battle Of Stalingrad Russia88
The battle of Suomussalmi Finland103
The Battle of the Alma - 20th September 1854 Crimea40
The Battle of the Scheldt Holland and Belgium62
The Battle of Waterloo Belgium20
The Bells Toll For Madrid Spain50
The Boxer Rebellion of 1900 China38
The Capture of Munda Airfield Munda34
The Christmas War Palestine60
The Contra Drive Nicaragua24
The Dieppe Raid France18
The Fall of Somoza Nicaragua14
The Final Solution (Operation Equity) Israel20
The Finnish Civil War 1918 Finland20
The first English Civil War - 1642-1646 The British Isles46
The First Punic War Mediterranean Sea97
The Fourth Republic Europe190
The Great Invasions Europe25
The Great Patriotic War - Bagration Central Europe14
The Great Patriotic War - Citadel Russia12
The Great Patriotic War - Fall Blau Russia16
The Great War in the West I Belgium11
The Invasion of Attu Island Aleutians20
The Invasion of Tha-deua Tha-deua10
The Jacobite Rebellion Scotland105
The Korean War 1950-1953 Korea184
The longest day - Airborne variant France200
The Manchurian Affair Manchouria25
The Mediterranean 1940-1941 Mediterrane338
The Next War 1979 Sudden War Central Europe17
The October War Middle East24
The Oil War Of 1979 Persian Gulf16
The Second Battle for France France40
The second Italian Civil War Northern Italy40
The Second Punic War Mediterranean Sea69
The Siege Of Hong Kong In 1954 Hong Kong26
The Soccer War Central America6
The War in Combodia 1973-75 Cambodia117
The War in Vendee 1793 France70
The War Of The Roses UK105
The War to end all Wars - WWI 1914-18 52
The Wars of Religion - Europe 1588-1593 Europe290
The Washing of the Spears Zululand62
The Zulu War 1879 South Africa33
Third Afghan War 1919 Afghanistan16
Third World War - Europe Europe24
Third World War - Gulf Middle East24
Third World War - Winter Variant Europe24
Three Days of War Fictional6
Timimoun Algeria124
Timor 42 Dutch West Timor10
Tinian 44 Marianas10
Toaw Admiral Fictional60
Tropico 1989 Tropico near Cuba16
Tulane Fictional34
UK 2000 United Kingdom53
Valmy 1792 France9
Verdun 1916 France12
Vesting Holland 1940 Holland28
Vicksburg 1863 USA24
Vicksburg 1940 USA15
Vietnam Combat Operation - Counter Offensive 2 Vietnam53
Vietnam Combat Operations - Counteroffensive 1 Vietnam54
Vietnam Combat Operations - Defense Campaign 2 South-Vietnam42
Vietnam Combat Operations - Volume 10 Vietnam33
Vietnam Combat Operations - Volume 11 30
Vietnam Combat Operations - Volume 12 42
Vietnam Combat Operations - Volume 13 51
Vietnam Combat Operations - Volume 14 Vietnam18
Vietnam Combat Operations - Volume 5 Vietnam43
Vietnam Combat Operations - Volume 6 Vietnam69
Vietnam Combat Operations - Volume 7 Vietnam18
Vietnam Combat Operations - Volume 8 Vietnam26
Vietnam Combat Operations - Volume 9 Vietnam35
Vilekye Luki 1942 Russia12
Virginia 1862 XIX DB USA35
Vistula 1914 Central-East Europe24
Vukovar 1991 Croatia60
Walvis Bay 1991 South Africa28
War and Peace 1805-1815 Europe520
War in the West Europe, Mediteranean331
War of the Rings Tolkien Land312
Waterloo 1815 Belgium11
Waves of Steel Fictional8
Willy Wonka Umpa Lumpa12
Wilno 1939 Poland17
World War II European Theater Europe297
World War One Europe283
Year of the Tiger Taiwan60
Yom Kippur War Middle East23
Yugoslav Civil War 1938-40 Balkan102
Yugoslavia 1941 Yugoslavia425
Yugoslavia 1951 Yugoslavia314
Zhukov Attacks Russia & Balkans115