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1905 ended games, 350 running games 1905
435 tried scenarios, 177 now being tried 435
309 ranked players, 145 now playing, 334 members only, 8951 archive members 145
Site hosting has been renewed for 2018
I have renewed the hosting for 2018. This will probably be the last year because the budget is now close to 0.
Sep, 3rd 2017 —
7 most recent ladder members
Sep, 26thUSA jah4tol Vol III Intermediate
May, 26thMalaysia vodkaferret Vol III Intermediate
Feb, 19thPoland Johnson Vol III Novice
Jan, 23rdMozambique abossel Vol III Intermediate
Apr, 6thGermany BigDuke66 Vol III Intermediate
Dec, 8thBelgium Largo Vol III Novice
Jun, 1stPoland marcin_strozny Vol III Intermediate
The strategist is up for one more year!
The hosting service has just been renewed for one more year! The Staff
Sep, 11th 2016 —
Last 7 days processed reports
Site hosting has been renewed for one more year!
Good news for all toaw players. The site is up for one more year! Have fun
Sep, 12th 2015 —
Happy new year!
The staff wishes all an happy new year 2014 with many new exciting scenarios.
Jan, 1st 2014 —
New webhosting provider
With the number of players decreasing, we have decided for budget reason to move the site from infomaniak located in Switzerland to a new provider ovh located in France.
. Infomaniak is a really good provider but this move allows us to lowering the costs from 100€ to 30€ per year.
In our current budget, 180.79€ left so if all goes well, we are up for around 6 years!!!
Sep, 16th 2012 —
Happy new year 2012
The rugged defense staff wishes you an happy new year with lots of good Toaw fights!
Jan, 1st 2012 —
Vote for scenarios you like!
I have added a google+1 vote button on all scenario pages. If you like a scenario and think that it is worth playing it, click on it. It will greatly help other players to choose among the hundreds of scenarios available here.
Oct, 8th 2011 —
New page with links on toaw resources
Recently I started to check my toaw links that I have gathered for years, and a lot of then were not anymore valid.
Some were very good sites with really great resources and they are now lost forever!
This is not really a surprise for a game published in 1998 by a company that doesn't exist anymore, Talonsoft
So I decided to build a page with all links on Toaw resources that I know.
Some sites are still updated and some are very old or not updated anymore, but take a look at it and feel free to give me your links if you know some others.
Sep, 25th 2011 —
New graphic mod for Toaw 3.4
Tired with traditional Toaw graphic? You don't like new graphics? Give this new mod a try! If you like it, drop a line to SPQR!!!
Mar, 4th 2011 —
New Version 3.4 is now OFFICIAL
On February 10th, Matrix released a major update to TOAW. I'd been kicking the tires on the beta, but this is now a fully official release :!.
One thing that you may find helpful : when I first tried the beta, I was puzzled that right-clicking an adjacent enemy unit no longer brought up the attack options (limited, single unit, single group etc), and right clicking a move destination hex would only move a unit at a time. This is due to the new rules which provide a popup - it can be brought back to the "old" way in the game options by setting the menu popup delay to 0. Belisarius
Feb, 12th 2011 —
TOAW Updated to 3.4 + Beta Patch
Good News - Matrix have updated TOAW to v3.4, and a patch was even released for it yesterday, public beta v3.4.0.201 on the Matrix Members site. There is a fairly lengthy "Whats New" file available in the Matrix Forum, and at first glance I suspect that changing versions mid-game might introduce slightly unexpected behaviour in running games. I have not tried it yet myself and therefore it is up to each pair of opponents to decide on whether they want to update their copies while they still have running games. At any rate, it's nice to see that there is still development going on for this fine title. Belisarius
Dec, 11th 2010 —
The Stategist is up for three more years!
Thank you all for your generous donations!!!
With all those generous contributions we are up for 3 more years!!!

The contributors are:

Gary Golnik66,51
Paul Sill27,78
Maurizio Andreoli23,9
William Hopke20
Jean-Richard Keller19,07
Daniel Gagnon18,97
Joseph Deaton17,36
Haris Riris14,01
Wayne Close13,25
Piero Falotti9,36
Steve Schlipf6,94
Patrik Bunke4,58
John Bennett4,55
Total380,79 Euros

Have nice games all!!!
Nov, 6th 2010 —
2011 Hosting Fees Paid
Dear users, A year already passed since our last call for funding, but time has come to ask again for your generosity.
So if you like this site and you want it to stay on line and continue to download your favorite toaw scenarios, please help us and donate to support hosting it.
The funds will be only used for the hosting charge and nothing else.

We are still hosted by the excellent Infomaniak from Switzerland.
The amount is still 120 Euros.
To send your contribution just send it via Paypal to
Pass the dead line of 30th of November 2010 we will have to close the site.

Thanks for using the site and remember that this site exists only because you like it.

Thanks in advance,
Lucinus on behalf of all the staff
Oct, 30th 2010 —
Stauffenberg is back!
Drang nach Asien 1942 - The Last Blitzkrieg

5 km/ half-week turn; regiment/division level.
May 17th 1942 to February 1943.
Map from Kursk to Baku, Volga to Crimea. Huge and quite detailed.

Scenario starts with Soviets committed in the Izyum bulge, Manstein moving to Sevastopol after victory at Kerch.
Large range of variables both sides--this is not Plan Blue, although a theatre option will allow a strictly historical model to be played out.
Far more wide open than Blue although it is still a southern front offensive for the Germans in '42--no assault on Moscow.

--map done, Axis OB done, Soviet OB over half done with a huge assist from Pavel Voylov, which means a --near complete array of accurate Soviet sub-units.
--I'm applying many new features that Ralph has put in the program, in particular altering ZOC costs at various junctures.
--Initial playtests in a month or two.

I'll be posting updates and information here regularly.
Feb, 9th 2010 —
Hosting Fees Paid
We're good for another year. Thanks to all of last year's donours as well as this year's for the 36 missing euros: Lucinus, Von Manstein and myself. ----Belisarius
Nov, 27th 2009 —
2010 Hosting Fees Due
Well, it's that time of year again when the site's hosting fees are due ! The bill is for 120 Euros, but thanks to last year's overwhelming response, we still have 84 Euros to apply towards this year's fee. So send us an email if you'd like to contribute, we've only 36 euros to find ! Thanks in advance Belisarius
Nov, 17th 2009 —
Undos and Reloads - Some clarifications
A player recently contacted us and shared his discomfort regarding his opponent's use of the Undo button in an ongoing ladder game, and also had some questions regarding the " Number of reloads" message that appears when one first opens a .PBL file.

I'll deal with the reloads issue first as it is more clear-cut:

In earlier versions of TOAW, there was apparently a way to cheat by resorting to mutliple reloads - apparently (to my understanding), this had a number of effects, amongst which to reset the clock, thereby granting additional rounds. There was also a way to continue playing after a turn had run out. All this was fixed with TOAW III.

Reloads are now legit - one can save a game and come back to it frequently without gaining any advantage other than not having to play a turn in a single sitting. So there's no longer anything sinister with seeing that the opponent has reloaded frequently.

Undos are another matter. As a matter of principle, they should be avoided. However, we're all human and there are times when a wrong move of the mouse can truly be detrimental to one's turn or even long term prospects. I myself have occasionally mistakenly blown a crucial bridge when all I meant to do was dig in a flak unit - you get the idea. We're all human, so to my mind, such undo's should be permissible, within reason.

There are a few ways to deal with undos that we can suggest:

1) - Discuss it with your opponent before the game begins, and agree on something reasonable - perhaps a certain number of " mulligans " each as it were.
2) - Try to remember to point out any undo's you may have resorted to in your accompanying email.
3) - Some players are systematic and methodical to the point of never needing the undo button; others launch into the sheer joy of the big attack and their fingers can't move as fast as their brain is planning ! Get to know your opponent - most of the clumsier guys are really good sports and are not trying to gain an unfair advantage !
4) Remember, it's all in fun. If you're still a little upset over someone's undo habits, well, every opponent I've played over the course of many years has been amenable to reason. Try negotiating a little "equalizer " - "Hey Joe Butterfingers, mind evacuating hex 1234 without a fight in exchange for those undos ? Whaddya say buddy ? " Etc.
5)- If all else fails, contact us and we'll see what can be done. Just don't let the small stuff spoil your enjoyment of the game nor the enduring, long-distance friendships that it can create.

Apr, 3rd 2009 —
Forfait victories
Remember that the "Forfait" result should only be used in cases where one of the players disappears - ceases to respond after multiple attempts to re-establish contact. In cases where one player wishes to surrender, you can use OV or any other level of victory that is mutually agreeable.
Mar, 13th 2009 —
Happy New Year
Hard to believe, but Rugged Defense is now entering its 12th year. Beyond the sheer enjoyment of the game, I think that this is testimony that what we have here is a vibrant, international community of like-minded people. So happy new year 2009 from the staff to all of you, in every country where you can be found !
Dec, 30th 2008 —
3 new members in December
December has been a good month for the site as in addition to securing funding well past 2009, we've added three new members in the last week or so. Please join us in welcoming Mongo, Nrml and Don Quixote !
Dec, 12th 2008 —
The site is up for 2009
Here is the list of the contributions I already received:

John Bennett: 4.55
Jean-Luc Betin: 30
Wayne Close: 14.48
Gary Golnik: 57.41
William Hopke: 15
Jean-Richard Keller: 20
Joao Russo: 20
Sunray: 10.24
Robert Petrillo: 18.41
Dierk Walter: 14.24
Total: 204.33 Euro

Some contributions are still on the way but we have already crossed the 120 Euros line so the site will be up for 2009.
The rest of the money will be kept aside for 2010 year funding.
Many thanks to all of you for your contribution!
Nov, 16th 2008 —
2009 Rugged Defense funding
Dear users, time has come to renew the lease of hosting the site. As we did two years ago, we ask here for contribution from users of the site, so that we do not support the entire cost of hosting. The sum to collect is 120 Euros. If you like this site and want to support it you can send a contribution. See this post for more information. Thanks for using the site
Nov, 5th 2008 —
An advisory
I am delayed in putting my page back up as there are certain issues in TOAW III that I am playtesting to see if I can resolve. Specifically: the enhanced difficulty in knocking entrenched units out of entrenchments; the difficulty in eliminating ants; the increased difficulty in overrunning said ants--all have me examining different values before putting my work back up as previous play-balance achieved in the ACOW scenarios seems to be off. --Stauffenberg
Jun, 30th 2008 —
Stauffenberg has this to say
My Scenario Page will be put back up in the near future. A complete list of my updated scenarios will be put up here and nowhere else at this point, the versions on this page superceding all other versions that have been made available, and that includes previously released scenarios in the first TOAW III release by Matrix which have been subsequently developed by myself, and which existed on this page before that specific release in any case.
The two main ongoing projects I am working on, with a few other designers and playtesters, is a continuing refinement of The Great War, and a complete overhaul, top to bottom, of Braunschweig, about half-way complete as ver. at this point. At some point RD will put up two threads for these projects for player and researcher suggestions, and I'll post regular progress updates.
Apart from that, a completely new scenario on the war in Afghanistan will be put up, representing an expansion of the Indopak study.
Jun, 1st 2008 —
New TOAW Patch available at Matrix site
Sep, 29th 2007 —
19th century database for Toaw III
Silvain Domen has built the 19th century database for Toaw III. All scenario designed for Cow 19th century engine are now playable with Toaw III. Go to the 19th Century page to download it.
Mar, 9th 2007 —
2007 generous donors
thanks to everybody, we even have a provision for next year.

please refrain from sending donations until next year !!

we cannot cite all kind donors that we had to fight against
so that they would not send a contribution now but wait at least next year.

Nov, 26th 2006 —
site goes on !!
we have received many generous contributions, thanks to you all, the site continues in 2007 !
Nov, 25th 2006 —
2007 funding of RD
Dear users, time has come to renew the lease of hosting at the renewal date is 2 december.

As we did last year, we ask here for contribution from users of the site, so that we do not support the entire cost of hosting. The sum to find is 120 euros.

If you like this site and want to support it you can send a contribution. see this post for more information Announcement: 2007 fundings of rugged defense

also answer the small poll

Thanks for using the site

Nov, 12th 2006 —
Looking for TOAW III Opponents ?
... if so, a new forum topic has been created under the Open Discussion Header.
This is a great place to find other players who have, or will soon, purchase the Matrix version.
update : it's been moved and regrouped under toaw III
Jun, 16th 2006 —
Toaw III is out!
Go and check the new version of our favorite game at the Matrix website
Jun, 6th 2006 —
New scenario browser
Getting lost when searching for a scenario on a specific area?
Now there is the right tool to help you in your quest: The Scenario Browser.
Go and try it!
Mar, 29th 2006 —
Players List revised
Hello Everyone As part of our ongoing maintenance program for the site, we have removed players who had signed up a minimum of three years ago (i.e. February 2003) but had never reported a game. This decision affected only 16 names while making everything a bit more relevant. - Belisarius
Feb, 7th 2006 —
Bug was found the scoring system, concerning forfait victory / forfait defeat thanks to Wiarus who noticed an inconsistency.
All ladders have been updated.
Should you find anything strange, let us know so that we can squeeze out the last bit of bugs. -- Planetep
Jan, 28th 2006 —
Happy new year everyone !
2006 sounds like a good year for the toaw communty with the upcoming new realease of our preferred game: TOAW - the Matrix edition
Dec, 31st 2005 —
Games begun 2002 deleted
In the interest of keeping the site current, we have deleted all incomplete games whose start date was in 2002. Belisarius
Dec, 5th 2005 —
new skin
UPDATE: the site is being modified all along the day
we are on the process of renewing the site.
you can switch to news2 to see the alternate site skin. the switch will be activated completely shortly.
not all pages have been transformed and there are some presentation inconsistencies that will be removed in the next days or few weeks.
The site will continue next year.
Our new admin board is composed of Belisarius, Legun, Lucinus, Piero, Planetep, Schnelle Heinz, Stauffenberg and Wilhelm.
thanks to them and to all users of the site.
Nov, 17th 2005 —
Rasca's graphic mod
Want to customize graphics of your favorite game ?
Rasca has delivered a graphic mod for acow.
You can find it here.
Oct, 23rd 2005 —
Call for volunteers
Dear Rugged-Defense members,

We have been managing the site for about three years, bringing some novelties while assuring games recording. We also set up a successful scenario depot.
Now we would like to pass on to someone else that volunteers to continue making rugged-defense live. Otherwise we plan to close the site at the end of the year.
If anyone is interested, there are a couple of php scripts that make all the job of game recording and site generation, so that even a non specialist can drive the site, with some help from us at the beginning. please post in the forum best regards Lucinus and Planetep
Oct, 15th 2005 —
The Great War 2.0 by Daniel McBride
For those who are interested in WWI, you can give a try to the new version 2.0 of the monster scenario covering the whole WWI of Daniel McBride. Please go to his home page and download it !
Jul, 9th 2005 —
SDT home page
Hosting Larry Fulkerson's SDT, a windows app to modify acow database in the spirit of bioed, with additional features. find it here
Mar, 27th 2005 —
browse acow equipment list
you can now browse acow equipment list on line with a search form. Find it here under the Resources section. Note that "Information" has been renamed to "Resources".
Mar, 22nd 2005 —
hex T home page and related
Hosting the hexT project and an as yet nameless new game engine project, brought by C-grunt.

See also the forum discussion.

Mar, 5th 2005 —
Rundstedt's Plan Martin 4.0, by Daniel McBride
Daniel has just released a new version of his Bulgemax scenario.
It is a complete revision of the earlier, with expanded map, OB, and timeframe
Go and download it on his page. Have fun !
Feb, 25th 2005 —
happy new year
happy new year and good play to every body. we will fix the 2005 ladders soon... update:it's been fixed.
Jan, 11th 2005 —
wiki section added
We have setup a wiki section for rugged-defense. This is supposed to replace the information section.

ANY rugged defense member can edit and modify the pages etc... in the spirit of a wiki site (there is of course some review). you can log in or not, view your contributions, view the changes to your contributions etc... This is for collaborative documentation. You can upload images. For now we are in the process of moving the old information section in this new format. This will make it searchable etc... to make a contribution just edit a page and follow the rather simple formatting rules. see for that the user guide link on the main page of RDWiki. PS the flower will be replaced by something more RD, soon.

Nov, 25th 2004 —
New toaw 19th binary
RhinoBones modified the 19th century toaw binary, to change some unit icons. You can download it on the 19th century page here.
Aug, 29th 2004 —
Drang Nach Osten, by Daniel McBride
Good news for those who are fond of Daniel's scenarios.
He just released a new version of his DNO scenario.
Go and download it on his page. Have fun !
Jul, 31st 2004 —
The Great War by Daniel McBride
Daniel McBride has released version 1.7 of The Great War.
This scen was mentionned among Daniel's forthcoming designs . Find it now for download under the stauffenberg scenario pages.
Jul, 24th 2004 —
untried scenarios page
see the untried scenarios page if you want to choose your next game among the scenarios that were never played on this ladder.
May, 14th 2004 —
rank history
Added graphs to visualize your rank evolution. see you player page. more graphs to come.
May, 8th 2004 —
Berlin Götterdämmerung im Osten
Daniel McBride is pleased to announce an update to version 1.8 of his huge scenario Berlin Götterdämmerung im Osten. It is available for download on his scenario page. Enjoy it !
Apr, 29th 2004 —
XIXth century database engine
A new page dedicated to the XIXth century database engine added. You can take a look at it here
Mar, 23rd 2004 —
Page for Toaw patches updated
As some may noticed, the Talonsoft site no more exists. Thus, we have updated our support page and you can download directly from our site latest patches for all versions of Toaw here
Feb, 7th 2004 —
ranking redistribution
We have just fixed a bug in win percent computation. This produced some shift in ranks in historical ladder. Thanks General Mayhem for the spot. Should you find anything strange in scores, please let us know. thanks.
Jan, 16th 2004 —
tournaments awards back into score
We have put back tournament awards in score computation. Only awards from old tournament 2000 are still forgotten for the moment.
You can see the awards detail in the columns named "award1"/"award2" in any resolved matches listings. Tournament awards for tournament 2003 is up to last round. Check your page.

Merry christmas to all!

Dec, 24th 2003 —
welcome to / rugged-defense
This is the new address of rugged-defense toaw site with a new provider infomaniak. (well designed for toaw maniak isn't it ?)
the previous provider gave us some trouble lately and we discovered they were potentially not reliable at all, so we preferred to change for this new one. This involved an address change since the .name domain could not be hosted.
hope you like the new name as well ! [maj]scenario download now operational
Dec, 3rd 2003 —
AAR sections rehandled
The old series of little aar that we compiled from wilhelm have been moved from the information/aar section to the relevant scenario statistics pages.
This is where is supposed to appear any short aar entered by a player after or during his match (recall you can enter a short aar any time by a click on the match id).
The information/aar section now contains detailed aar.

See the first big aar, posted by Wilhelm : THE BAOR.

Anyone who wants to publish a detailed aar, just send us your file (conversion from word and others possible)
Nov, 24th 2003 —
Stauffenberg's Scenarios Archive hosted at RD
We are pleased to open the hosted designers pages section inaugurated by Daniel McBride Stauffenberg's Scenario Archive.

By this same occasion, Daniel McBride announces an update to version 1.7 of his scenario Berlin Götterdämmerung im Osten now available for download.
Nov, 15th 2003 —
balance scenario page restored
the balance scenario page has been restored, see this page for details.
Nov, 4th 2003 —
preferred versions of play [update]
player pages and the players list now contains player's preferred version for play, among versions owned. If a preferred version was mentioned to us, it appears underlined.
If you want your preferred version to appear on your page, mail us so that to facilitate opponent search, especially for those vol I fan.
Oct, 31st 2003 —
site update
As you can see we have upgraded the site to a new version.

Most important thing

We hope you like the new site ! post your comments in the forum there are a lot of details that need to be care about, we made the upgrade today so that to switch as soon as possible to the new report system.

more info about how to use the site to come

Oct, 22nd 2003 —
1.06 possible bug
there is an ongoing discussion about a possible bug in 1.06, see that post for details. if some people are worried about their running matches, read the temporary rule
Aug, 31st 2003 —
Links to documentation
A lot of pages in the site now have a link to the relevant site documentation section. check the top-right corner of the page for the site-info link
Jul, 29th 2003 —
Adjusted tournament bonus
A tournament bonus is now included only in ladders covering the tournament period. So tournament 2000 and 2001 bonus are only counted in the historical ladder. While tournament 2003 bonus are counted currently for all three ladders.

Tournament 2003 bonus currently reflects situation after first round.

Jun, 29th 2003 —
New CoW patches 1.04/1.06
Norm Koger has released a new version of the 1.06 patch which will update directly from CoW original version (without the 1.04 patch). It comes with all the scenarios that were in 1.04. the copy protection has been removed. find it here
There is also a 1.04 patch for the original version with copy protection removed to be found here.
Apr, 13th 2003 —
Norm Koger is back : toaw CoW 1.06 demo patch available
see the news and download the patch.
Mar, 28th 2003 —
Monday, 25 august 2003tournament pages
see the under construction tournament pages
Saturday, 23 august 2003tournament 2003 - round 3
use the vol I version ardennes gamble 44 in the report form for start/end report even if you are in the CoW section.