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The XIXth century engine was created by Chuck Kotraba and Iñaki Harrizabalagatar in order to fill the obvious lack of detail of COW database in the period, so they
  • established a list of different types of musket and gun equipment, as the XIX century was a period of enormous qualitative change in those weapons
  • created new type of cavalry units, providing them the "armor" capabilities of the game system to represent the advantage that cavalry held over infantry in the early XIX century
Aditionally, RhinoBones modified some icons of the units.
Modified icons are as follow:

==> Light Cavalry, Saber or Lance
==> Heave Cavalry, Armored, Saber or Lance
==> Frigate, Ship of the Line
==> Brigantine
==> Sloop
==> Armored Ram
==> Monitor

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You can download the latest version (19th MK IV) here. Just unzip the file in the COW directory.

You can now play all scenarios designed for the XIX century engine with Toaw III thanks to Silvanski aka Silvain Domen!
Download it here here You just need to follow instructions included in the zip.

Middle Ages

06/07/1495 The Battle of Bannockburn 1314 A powerful English army attempts to relieve Stirling Castle in the teeth of Robert the Bruce's Scottish pike columns.
Historical and alternative deployments.
PO for both sides.
Nothing like the final scenes at the end of the film 'Braveheart'!


06/07/1495 The Battle of Fornovo 1495 A French army under King Charles was ambushed by the forces of the Italian Holy League in the narrow Taro Valley in northern Italy, in what is considered the first battle of the Renaissance era.
Can you lead the French to safety or, as Gonzago of Mantua, teach the transalpine barbarians a lesson and vindicate the Italian 'condottiere' style of warfare?
PO for both sides.
11/04/1512 The Battle of Ravenna 1512 In April 1512 a French army, with troops from its ally the Duke of Ferrara, was besieging the Italian city of Ravenna, while a Spanish-Papal army marched to its relief.
This was to be the first real artillery battle of the Renaissance
13/09/1515 Battle of Marignan 1515 The victory of the french king François I over the swiss: The end of Swiss supremacy on the battlefield
29/08/1526 The Battle of Mohacs 1526 A Hungarian army faces the Ottoman Turks advancing towards their capital, Buda.
Should they attack, relying on their armoured nobility and God's blessing, or wait in their laagered camp, hoping that John Zapolya appears with the promised Transylvanian reinforcements?
Historically, the heavily outnumbered Hungarians charged the Ottoman Turkish ranks but were unable to break their final line of chained guns.
In the ensuing massacre the medieval kingdom of Hungary fell into the hands of the Turks for the next hundred and fifty years.
Alternative deployments and tactics, and the possibility of calling in the nearby reinforcements under John Zapolya by either the Hungarian or Turkish player.
PO for both sides.
01/04/1588 The Wars of Religion - Europe 1588-1593 During the end of the XVI century, the whole Europe was at war.
Protestant and Catholic factions were struggling in what was called the wars of the Religion.

Napoleonic and Republican wars

20/09/1792 Valmy 1792 How France and the Republic were save from Prussian invasion !
10/03/1793 The War in Vendee 1793 This is a campaign game used to portray the bitter and cruel civil war that took place in the french Vendée region in 1793.
01/12/1793 Siege of Toulon 1793 The first victory of Bonaparte over the British troops in south of France.
14/01/1797 Battle of Rivoli 1797 The final victory of the French army under general Bonaparte over Austrians in Italy
21/07/1798 Battle of the Pyramids 1798 The victory of the French expedionary corp under general Bonaparte over the Mamelouk Ottoman army under Mourad-Bey near Cairo
25/09/1799 Battle of Zurich 1799 After victories of Austrians and Russians in Italy and on the Rhein, France was under the direct threat of invasion.
The victory of the French army under the command of general Massena against Russian army of general Karsakov in Switzerland. France was saved from invasion !!
04/07/1806 Battle of Maida - 1806 British expedition, under Major-General Sir John Stuart, against Calabria in Southern Italy, to flank some of Napoleon's forces and to strike on the weaker Kingdom of Naples.
08/10/1806 Prussia 1806 After defeating Austria in 1805, Napoleon turned his attention to the reordering of Germany. He decreed the creation of the Confederation of the Rhine on 12 July 1806, and on 6 August announced the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire. The Kingdom of Prussia then on 7 August took in secret the decision to go to war against Napoleon. The 6th of September Prussia started the occupation of Saxony to keep that state out if the Confederation of the Rhine, and Napoleon formally warned a French declaration of war. Both sides were getting ready for the clash, and on 8 Octuber the Grande Armée swung into action
16/08/1813 Germany 1813 After the Russian disaster, Napoleon fought an indecisive campaign in the first part of 1813 against the Prussia-Russia Coalition. Both sides signed the Poischwitz Truce (June 4 1813) and tried to rebuild their forces, but the Coalition gained the upper hand with the alliance of Austria, who had remained neutral before. On August 16 both sides were ready to resume a campaign that would decide the destiny of Europe.

Crimean war (1854-55)

20/09/1854 The Battle of the Alma The Allied British, French and Turkish forces, having landed at Calamita Bay, were marching south towards the Russian naval base at Sevastapol when they found their way barred by a Russian field army under Prince Menshikov. Will you do better than Menshikov, and stop allies ?
25/10/1854 The battle of Balaclava As Russian, will you be able to cut the supply line of the Allied army (British, French, Ottoman and Sardinian) trying to besiege the harbor of Sevastopol ?

Italian Independence wars

23/05/1859 2nd Italian War of Independence Will Austria be able to prevent the Kingdom of Piemonte from catching his northern Italia territories and create kingdom of Italy ? Not so sure since the powerful French Army of Napoleon III is comming to help Piemonte ...
22/06/1866 Battle of Custoza In 1866, the young kingdom of Italy, allied with Prussia in the hope of gaining the Veneto and Trentino provinces from its traditional Habsbourg enemy.
Unfortunately, due to incompetence and policital motives of the Italian commanders, this was a failure. Will you do better ?

American civil war

01/04/1861 American civil war 1861-1865 This scenario attempts to create an operational model of the American Civil War using the TOAW game engine. The conflict was the bloodiest in US history.
18/02/1862 Virginia 1862 This scenario is a simulation of the 1862 campaign of the American Civil War in the Eastern Theater

Franco-Prussian war

02/08/1870 Franco-Prussian War 1870 The defeat of the French Army of Napoleon III against Prussian Army, which led to his fall.

Indian wars

01/04/1876 The little big horn campaign This scenario attempts to simulate the six month campaign that was intended to finish the Plains Indian problem once and for all, and the Indian response. The campaign was a failure from the Federal Army´ s point of view, and operations continued into 1877. Will you do better than Lieutenant-Colonel George Armstrong Custer ?

British colonialist wars

01/11/1879 The washing of the spears This scenario covers the first month of the invasion of Zululand by the British Imperial Column No. 3 from Rorke´ s Drift in Natal Province. The ultimate British objective was to smash its way through towards the Zulu Royal Kraal at Ulundi, while keeping open its lines of communication and preventing a Zulu counter-attack into Natal Province, which had been stripped of troops and volunteers to mount the invasio
11/07/1882 Alexandria 1882 This scenario is covering the landing of British expeditionary force in Alexandria to squash the rebellion led by Arabi.
13/09/1882 Tel-El-Kebir 1882 This is the continuation of the Alexandria scenario, with the battle of Tel-El-Kebir