Toaw 3.4 graphic mod by SPQR
Toaw 3.2Toaw 3.4SPQR graphics
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  1. Enter into the TOAWIII main directory and then enter into the "altgraphics" directory (c:\toawIII\altgraphics" or something alike)
  2. Save or copy all files already present in the directory (precaution for backup)
  3. Expand the new rar-zipped files there
  4. Try any beautiful scenario (prefarrably one with many different kinds of terrains and units to see if it is worth your time and efforts)
  5. If the work doesn't look your way, delete all files in the "altgraphics" directroy and use the backup files to get back
Try it ! It should work for all sceanrios that have not a specific graphics environment (a directory with their own name ) inside the "graphics" (c:\toawIII\graphics" )directory.
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