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  • Why this scenario depot ?

    This scenario depot tries to solve tree problems.

    The first one is the risk of internet scenario depot to disappear, which was the case with
    Even the last 'big one',, disappeared recently for few days.
    The worst aspect of it is that some scenarios are lost.
    So we think that it is good for the community to have a new scenario depot where people can find most of scenarios ever made.

    The second thing is, as everyone knows, at wargamer it is very hard and painful to find a scenario according to some criterias, for instance: size of the scenario, period, etc ...
    We are trying to solve that by providing a fully searchable database. Just type in your criterias and the sort key and the corresponding list will be displayed.

    The last problems we will try to solve, is to try to determine what are the good/bad scenarios.
    All scenarios in the depot don't have the same quality. There are some very good and some very bad.
    In a near future we will introduce an AAR (After Action Report) management to collect opinions of players.
    We hope this will help players to choose their scenarios, and designers to have more feedback.

    Scenario copyrights

    All scenarios in this depot are coming from various sources, internet, players etc ...
    It is very difficult to contact all designers individually because some designers just disappeared, emails are not anymore valid and even for some scenarios the author is unknown.
    However, obviously all scenarios in the depot stay property of their designers.
    They are free to update, modify them.
    Additionaly, they are free to request to remove their scenarios from the depot. Just send an e-mail and they will be promptly removed.

    Play test scenario

    To help authors to test and tune their new scenarios during developpement phase, we have the fonctionality to publish those scenarios as "Play Test" only.
    To find them just check the "Play test only" checkbox in the scenario search page.
    Those scenarios cannot be registered on the ladder.
    We hope that will help them to find good testers with lot of feedback.