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Gruene Hoelle Huertgenwald 1944
Submited on: 20-03-2015
Germany 1546 The Schmalkaldic War
Submited on: 20-03-2015
Submited on: 08-02-2015
Rhodes 43
Submited on: 11-10-2014
Coup d'Etat!
Submited on: 21-09-2014
Europe 2014
Submited on: 31-08-2014
Orel 1943
Submited on: 21-06-2014
Sicily to Brenner Pass 43-45
Submited on: 16-02-2014
Pax Hispanica 1610-1618
Submited on: 17-01-2014
The Battle of Waterloo
Submited on: 21-12-2013

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Europe Aflame
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WWII in Europe
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Rommel in North Africa
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Ia Drang 65
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Global Conflict Asia-Pacific 1988
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World War II European Theater
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1941 - Operation Barbarossa At Tactical
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Balkans 1941
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The Third Reich
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Alternative ww3 - Southern Front
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(139) Dnieper 1941
Do not play this under no circumstance with the latest patch - You'll have WWI style trench warfare with the German panzers unable to make any breaktrhough and high proficiency force scoring one tactical round all the time with an immense turn burn. MS
Sep, 14th — marcin_strozny. match 2153

(138) Wintergewitter 42
German relief effort via kalech slowed and finally halted by tenacious Soviet defense, which including redeployment of some of forces surrounding 6th army. Slow but steady pressure on German northern flank forced redeployment and ultimate demise of Stalingrad kessel relief thrust.
German surrender
Apr, 22nd — Nrml. match 2133

(87) Der Deutsch-Franzoesischer Krieg
Ended on turn 8 when KG Wilhelm I was captured be French Reservists on the upper Rhine near Schlettstadt.
Dec, 10th — Rothsky. match 2079

(86) Spanish Civil War 1936-39
Republican army broke throught north nationalist front and ocuppied north coast also a second republican army attacket to the rearguard of nationalist ebro army . a third republican army was about to reach cadiz province from Malaga and a fourth republican army cut in two the nationalist from in the center reaching portuguese frontier and envolving isolated groups of resistance in Extremadura
Nov, 21st — Naransin. match 2065

(85) Russian War
Nrml pushed his initial attack too hard and when the winter shock came Van Manstein was ready and waiting and took full advantage to surround and destroy significant wehrmacht forces.
The wehrmacht never recovered and the red army became stronger and nothing could stop it.
May, 12th — Nrml. match 2044

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